Fuck Yeah 30 Seconds To Mars Gifs

A typical record deal is structured something like this.

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Do now know why my GetGlue stickers posted to here …. 

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And again :)

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City of Angels (lyrics video)

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hi I'm from Brazil, + follow here, great tumblr, kisses.
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Like he’s smacking multiple butts.

Ha. Like they’re on a conveyor belt going by. Maybe they’ll start doing this at the meet and greets. More fun for everyone.

HAHAHA. I can’t stop laughing. OMG

I completely approve xD omfg

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Where did you get your theme? :3 and the 30 Seconds To Mars pics that you use as background? :3

The theme is all credited to the co-mod, Stephanie.

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Oh and also, although it looks like they belong to the same video, where are the boat gifs from? I'm really desperate to know :)

It’s on the Target version of LLF+D with the DVD 

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